Hi, Welcome to the first blog post.

This post is mostly a test but also a way to welcome you because I’m not a robot..unlike those new cleaning bots at Stop & Shop. Do they scare you? One wouldn’t let me pass it and now I’m officially afraid of them. Anyhow, WELCOME TO THE THE CREATIVE SPACE of hannahloves flowers. I was going to add, ‘no robots allowed’, but 1) just because of one bad experience doesn’t mean I should completely nix them out of my friend circle and 2) I think bots are probably pretty involved in the cyber world and I should probably be very thankful they are, so thank you to the bots who were programed as helpers! Wait, I wasn’t done welcoming you, stream of conscious writing clearly shows how distracted the brain can get..but I wanted to mention that this space’s purpose it about creative projects, custom work projects (that means collaborating with YOU!) and obviously plants. Creating gives me a joyful purpose and Nature gives me the happiest contentment so that is what I want to build on here. 

And now that you know all that, if you have any good website advice, tips, or if something isn’t working properly, please let me know, I’d love to have another set of eyes besides my own on this site. 

Thank you for stopping by!


hannah stracensky