Crane freebie!

Hi! Thank you for visiting my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

Because YOU are totally awesome plus you took the time to check this web space out ((and I super appreciate it)) I’d like to gift you 2 different sized downloadable paper crane paper with a design by me, in fact some of you might recognize it as the July 2019 calendar design.

I mean you can origami anything you want but I personally LOVE paper cranes. WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE MAGICAL they turn boring paper into a gorgeous friend. AND you can make them just about anywhere you go…as long as you have access to paper.

As a small child, my dad bought our Mother Day flowers every year from this lovely plant lady. This wonderful plant lady would give my siblings and I, three paper cranes strung together and decorated with beads. It is one of my loveliest special memories, so in return, I make it a point to gift paper cranes to people I don’t know. It is important to pass along beautiful moments and like that plant lady, we often don’t realize the impact we have on others. Everyday we wake up is an opportunity to spread magic, but grand crane gestures aside, remember we have the ability to choose to do it in whatever capacity is best for YOU that day.

Things you can do with a paper crane:

  • See how tiny you can make one.

  • See how large you can make one.

  • String a few together with a thread and needle —poke a threaded needle through the bottom center and out of the back center of the crane—string on a few bead in-between each crane in order to give space to crane.

  • Place them in secret places to find later or for someone else to find.

HOLD UP! Here I am talking on and on about all this nonsense of magic and creating cranes and you don’t know how to make one??? NO WORRIES! I GOT YOU! I attempted to photograph the steps, then I tried to draw the steps but I could tell they weren’t clear during the tricky parts. So instead of my sub-par instructions, I went out on to the crazy wild web and found the lovely Melanie Palen’s post on that does a much better job of explaining those confusing moments. Click HERE for it (it’s lovely).

Click below on buttons to download PDF and cut paper to size.

hannah stracensky